Noteworthy Counseling Papers for Planners

If you have ever wondered what is happening when couples meet with a financial planner, you might be interested in this study. The work presented comes from the ASPIRC Clinic at the University of Georgia:

Ford, M. R., Grable, J. E., Kruger, M., & DeGraff, A. (2017). Physiological arousal during couple financial discussion as a precursor to seeking financial planning help. Journal of Financial Therapy, 8(1), 1-21.

On occasion, practitioners and policy makers ask what academic studies they should be reading to keep abreast of important behavioral, communication, and counseling theory in financial planning. This prompted lab staff to put together a list of interesting and noteworthy papers and book chapters. Feel free to download this Word file and click on the titles for a direct link to the published paper.

Counseling and Communication Literature